How Much of a Threat is Mobile Gaming?

We’re all about disposability these days.  Nothing is built to last anymore.  Remember when you paid $300 for a top-loading VCR?  Chances are likely, that VCR is still working today for someone.  A 20 year car is almost unheard of these days – with people leasing and trading up every two years, who cares?

Of course, video gaming has taken a hit too.  Gone are the days when most games would give you months of entertainment; now games are designed to be purchased on Friday, finished by Sunday and returned to Gamestop for store credit by Monday.  We’re told DLC (Downloadable Content) is the answer to that – where not only do we buy the game ONCE, but we keep buying the content over and over again.  I remember when that sort of mentality was just for the yearly release of the standard sports games; bug fixes and new team rosters for only $60 a year. Read more

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