Resident Evil: Revelations Review

When it comes to franchise games, experience lends a lot to a review and legitimizes the reviewer. Admittedly, I was a bit late to the Resident Evil party. I joined in on the fun at the self-titled fourth installment of the game on the Gamecube – and gave it another partial play through on the PS2 when it hit that platform.

I’ve spent many a nights falling asleep with the sounds of the Merchant in my head; so much so, that I almost turned into this guy: Read more

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What to Expect from Wii in 2012

Keeping with a tradition I’ve had of writing an end-of-year article on what to expect from Wii in the coming year, I have to admit that I considered not writing this at all.  That’s the kind of year Nintendo has had across the board, with a last minute surge of top-shelf Mario and Zelda releases saving the year from being completely unremarkable.  Indeed, had The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword not made its November release date, 2011 would have been a complete wash for the Wii.  And for most, even that stellar release is not enough to change what can only be described as a complete fall from grace for a system that was once the hottest console this generation. Read more

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