Review Lagoon’s E3 2012 Nintendo Predictions

By:  Alex J. Lopez,  alexjlopezmw@twitter, alexjlopezwmr@googleplus

It’s hard to dispute that E3’s 2012 show pretty much belongs to Nintendo.  Riding high on the sudden interest in 3DS adoption (driven mainly by a big price cut and some key game releases), Nintendo averted going into E3 this year with the task of introducing a new system in the shadow of a recently failed one.  Gamers have at least gone from indifferent about the brand to lukewarm or better, which is a start.  Nintendo made some big promises at last year’s expo about better addressing the core audience and partnering with third party game makers to fix some of the shortcomings of the Wii generation, and E3 2012 will be their first opportunity to provide tangible proof of those changes.  Showing how they’ll deliver on those promises will drive gamer and  games media reception of this year’s show, though we’ve all learned that won’t necessarily dictate success one way or another.  Nintendo could very well decide to stick with their quest to provide game experiences everyone can enjoy without catering to the needs of any niche group.  For those who actively follow the games industry, most of us will likely feel that’s a mistake–primarily because it means less emphasis on our own niche group.  But Nintendo has always found a way to find success where none of us suspected or even guessed it could be had, and surprises are what makes Nintendo, well…Nintendo. Read more

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