Nintendo’s Road to Salvation Starts Here

Unless you’re dead on a beach somewhere or possibly locked in a bunker on an island typing in codes every hour – you’ve read at least ten articles about Nintendo in the last week.  Most of them discussing how Nintendo is as good as dead.  Nintendo should get out of hardware.  Nintendo MUST make iPhone games to survive.  The Wii U is so dead it’s decomposing on the floor.

Articles of this nature.

Of course, everyone knows exactly what Nintendo should do; despite not understanding for a single minute how Nintendo does business (and more importantly, why).   They downplay the global, insane success of the 3DS (or at the very least, using it as the life support system for the struggling Wii U) – a portable handheld system that still prints money (despite all the “no win scenario” competition of mobile/tablet gaming) and was the top selling system in 2013.

Sure, a few people out there are trying to make the world understand – some of which has some damn fine writing too.  Like this article and this one.

Unlike those complaining about Nintendo without offering a real, viable solution (iPhone or die?  please …) I’m going to address the elephant and 900 pound gorilla in the room and suggest a method that Nintendo could shut all your mouths (well, most of them) and continue to do business the way Nintendo does. Read more

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