How Nintendo Made Me A Jaded Gamer (and it’s not how you think)



When you think of the term “die hard gamer” or “hard core gamer” (or any number of these labels that are thrust upon the gaming consumer that relate to people who really love video gaming) you typically have a mental picture painted.  Some 18-29 year old, living in their parent’s basement – wired up to a cerebral brain implanted headset trash talking to “friends” they’ve never met.  They are probably still in their underwear; chewing on a piece of day-old pizza – playing the latest rendition of the endlessly spawned first person shooter.  No sunlight is allowed in the room – the windows implicitly covered.  If they have a car, their gaming rig probably costed more than it did – a big screen, low-latency flatscreen and some receiver special ordered because it has 4 HDMI inputs instead of 2.  Every current and last gen console (except those made by Nintendo because, like – those are kiddie systems, dudebro) is rigged up and there are discarded Live, PSN+ and various redemption cards scattered on the floor.

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