Girl Power: RAVPower Luster Series RP-08 Power Bank

In an attempt to bring more of the fairer sex to Review Lagoon, I’m trying to cover more female-gender-friendly products here on the site.  I got the idea from a co-worker who borrowed my monster RavPower PB-13 power bank (read my review) in an emergency to charge her phone.  She said she would love something like this, but the PB-13 was just too big and heavy for her to carry around.  I did some research and found the “lipstick” style Luster Series RP-08.  It even came in a color that my co-worker liked.

While it is easy to discuss this as a “girl power” product, it could just as easily supplement the male market’s power needs on the go.  If numbers aren’t your thing, skip down to Girl Power? below. Read more

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