NES Wireless Gamepad for PC, MAC, Android and iOS

I’ve had a very nice working relationship with Xgaming for well over a decade.  These guys make high quality arcade controllers and arcade cabinets for arcade emulators like MAME.  They’ve been around a long time and I have praised them over and over through the years on my popular RetroGaming Radio podcast.

Recently they sent me a very retro looking controller with very modern capabilities – the NES Wireless Gamepad.  How could any lover of retro gaming NOT want one of these?  Let’s check it out together. Read more

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Blizzard Entertainment threw the gaming community for a loop when they announced that their first new IP in 20 years was a team-based first person shooter. Blizzard is best known for their insanely popular MMO World of Warcraft. So a first person shooter was not what anyone expected when Overwatch was announced.


So what is Overwatch exactly? Overwatch is an online-only, class-based, team-based, competitive, first person shooter that draws inspiration from Team Fortress 2. That’s a mouthful. But to be fair to both Valve and Blizzard, comparing Overwatch to TF2 would be like comparing Quake Arena to Call of Duty 4. Although there are similarities, there’s more than 10 years that separates the two games. Read more

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