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My thoughts on Nintendo’s E3 2013


Posted by:  Alex J. Lopez

A few thoughts about Nintendo’s E3 performance this year: Read more

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Review Lagoon’s Top 3DS e-shop Games

With so many gamers getting their first taste of 3DS gaming with the recent release of the 3DS XL, it’s about time we started ranking our favorites to help guide the newcomers towards to best games the platform has to offer.

In this article, we’ll look at 3DS’s e-shop games, excluding Virtual Console games (which we’ll cover in another article) and retail downloadable games, which made their debut alongside the launch of 3DS XL with the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2, available in both physical and downloadable versions.

Let’s get started! Read more

Review Lagoon’s E3 2012 Nintendo Predictions

By:  Alex J. Lopez,  alexjlopezmw@twitter, alexjlopezwmr@googleplus

It’s hard to dispute that E3’s 2012 show pretty much belongs to Nintendo.  Riding high on the sudden interest in 3DS adoption (driven mainly by a big price cut and some key game releases), Nintendo averted going into E3 this year with the task of introducing a new system in the shadow of a recently failed one.  Gamers have at least gone from indifferent about the brand to lukewarm or better, which is a start.  Nintendo made some big promises at last year’s expo about better addressing the core audience and partnering with third party game makers to fix some of the shortcomings of the Wii generation, and E3 2012 will be their first opportunity to provide tangible proof of those changes.  Showing how they’ll deliver on those promises will drive gamer and  games media reception of this year’s show, though we’ve all learned that won’t necessarily dictate success one way or another.  Nintendo could very well decide to stick with their quest to provide game experiences everyone can enjoy without catering to the needs of any niche group.  For those who actively follow the games industry, most of us will likely feel that’s a mistake–primarily because it means less emphasis on our own niche group.  But Nintendo has always found a way to find success where none of us suspected or even guessed it could be had, and surprises are what makes Nintendo, well…Nintendo. Read more

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What to Expect from Wii in 2012

Keeping with a tradition I’ve had of writing an end-of-year article on what to expect from Wii in the coming year, I have to admit that I considered not writing this at all.  That’s the kind of year Nintendo has had across the board, with a last minute surge of top-shelf Mario and Zelda releases saving the year from being completely unremarkable.  Indeed, had The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword not made its November release date, 2011 would have been a complete wash for the Wii.  And for most, even that stellar release is not enough to change what can only be described as a complete fall from grace for a system that was once the hottest console this generation. Read more

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Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0

Android has long needed a non-phone “iPod Touch” equivalent as a way of introducing consumers to the platform, after all, the Touch has served for many as a low-cost gateway drug to everything that iOS has to offer.  Offering a reasonably priced media player with app support provides a much needed bridge for those not ready to sign a 2-year contract for a smartphone plan, or the cost commitment of purchasing a $400-$500+ tablet.

Thus far, the early Android media players have lacked both the quality and form factor that have made the iPod Touch a hit.  Units from Archos have perhaps come closest, but the smaller, non-tablet models are still bulky and clearly inferior in comparison.  What’s been needed is a device from one of the main Android phone manufacturers that can deliver the “Android phone without the phone” experience that the iPod Touch serves as for the iPhone. Read more

10 more Great Wii Games You Never Played

As a follow-up to Shane’s great article “The Ten Greatest Wii Games You Never Played” here, I thought I’d add my own list of ten fantastic Wii games that somehow didn’t light up the sales charts.

As with Shane’s article, my hope is that this list will help you discover some of the more obscure, but excellent games available for the platform that are worthy of your attention. The games are listed in no particular order.
Read more

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Will developers force Nintendo’s hand and accelerate a Wii successor’s debut?

Despite that fact that Nintendo held onto it’s position as the best selling game console in 2010, developers are starting to pass on Wii projects, opting to move previously announced Wii titles to other platforms including the greener pastures of 3DS.

Developers following this trend include High Voltage Software, who were previously great supporters of the platform. Two years ago they announced a then Wii-exclusive game called The Grinder that was to follow up their popular FPS The Conduit, but they promptly switched gears and announced The Grinder was instead moved to development for 360 and PS3 with the Wii version on hold and apparently being reevaluated. The latest Wii casualty is Animales De La Muerte, a WiiWare game that had been announced and was being eagerly anticipated by fans as a WiiWare title. Read more

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Super Monkey Ball 3D (3DS)

Let’s face it–there are a ton of Super Monkey Ball games out there for even console, handheld, and mobile device.  And although controls have included touch screens, controller-tilt, device-tilt, and even full-body balance board tilt, the original analog stick control of the original games on GameCube and PS2 were arguably never matched by these newer control schemes.  So it’s no surprise that for Super Monkey Ball fans, the new Circle Pad elbows it’s way to the forefront as the star feature of the game despite the attention the 3D visuals understandably get from gamers.

And that’s not to say the 3D isn’t spectacular on Super Monkey Ball 3D–in typical Sega fashion, the game is beautifully adorned with some of the most vibrant and colorful art design of any of the launch titles I’ve played Read more

Nintendo 3DS Launch “Frequently Asked Questions”

This document will be frequently updated as more information about Nintendo 3DS becomes available.  If you have a question that’s not answered here, let us know and we’ll be happy to add it once the information becomes available. Read more

What to Expect from Wii in 2011

Could 2011 be the year?

As a followup to our 2010 Wii Year in Review article I’d like to turn the calendar page to 2011, which could be a pivotal year for Nintendo’s popular home console. Speculation ranges from continued success to a sharp decline in sales; some foresee a high definition rehash of practically the same console, while others are expecting a successor announcement as early as this summer at E3. Will there be a price decrease in the first half of the year? And can we expect to see a $99 Wii sometime in 2011? Each guess is as good as the next. So perhaps it’s best to take a look at what we do know about what we can expect from Wii in 2011 so far. Read more

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