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Directory Opus 10

I’ve written reviews for Directory Opus v6 and v8 – and reused content from the former for the latter. In this review of Directory Opus v10, I’m starting from scratch. Surely I will cover similar topics but I’m going to take a new approach to this review than the others.

At first look, Directory Opus could easily be mistaken for “just another file manager”. There are many of them around, too. It seems the “enhanced file manager” concept finally started taking off and there are no less than a half a dozen, fairly well-known file managers floating around out there. Despite this fact, Directory Opus (Dopus from now on) still remains a mystery to most people – largely due to the fact that it costs money while so many other ones are free.

I’ve always said that file management software is a lot like anti-virus software and I think it is true now more than ever. People believe both products should be free – that somehow they areĀ entitledĀ to quality versions of these products. Many people don’t believe they need either one. Microsoft has “freebies” (one included in Windows, one you have to add on manually) and folks just seem to think that they are “good enough”. Lastly, both products end up being just as good as you pay for. Read more

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