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DVDFab Media Player: This is not the droid you’re looking for …


Blu-ray is a great format for high definition playback without compromise; especially if you use consumer Blu-ray set top box players.  Unfortunately, the Blu-ray format is also littered with copy protection.  This is seamless to end users with set top boxes, but for those of us trying to get these movies to play on our Blu-Ray ROM equipped PCs – this copy protection stops us from enjoying our legally owned high definition movies.

Until recently, you’ve really had two choices in dealing with this.  One, install multiple media players on your PC and hope that ONE of them will play the latest title you brought home or two – spend the cash and buy SlySoft’s AnyDVD HD product – which has proven over the years that it is THE definitive copy protection removal tool against Blu-ray. Read more

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