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Samsung Galaxy S4 (Verizon)


Recently I moved “up” from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (just Gnex from now on) to the Samsung Galaxy S4 (just S4 from now on) – both on Verizon. You can read my write up on the Gnex here.

I’ve been asked to give my opinions on the new S4 and while I covered it on my podcast, Passenger Seat Radio – I think a written review is in order.

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Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0

Android has long needed a non-phone “iPod Touch” equivalent as a way of introducing consumers to the platform, after all, the Touch has served for many as a low-cost gateway drug to everything that iOS has to offer.  Offering a reasonably priced media player with app support provides a much needed bridge for those not ready to sign a 2-year contract for a smartphone plan, or the cost commitment of purchasing a $400-$500+ tablet.

Thus far, the early Android media players have lacked both the quality and form factor that have made the iPod Touch a hit.  Units from Archos have perhaps come closest, but the smaller, non-tablet models are still bulky and clearly inferior in comparison.  What’s been needed is a device from one of the main Android phone manufacturers that can deliver the “Android phone without the phone” experience that the iPod Touch serves as for the iPhone. Read more