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Wii on Wii U: The LightGun Games

One of the greatest genres of gaming on the original Wii was the plethora of incredible lightgun style arcade shooters.  With the Wii U finally selling proper, it is time to continue our series on “Wii on Wii U” by giving you a look at all the fantastic lightgun games you can pick up for your Wii U to play in OG Wii mode.  The Wii’s sensor bar and on-screen reticle make in an obvious choice for lightgun games.  The Wii U follows in that tradition.

For the uninitiated, lightgun shooters are typically “on rails” arcade style shooters where you are taken through various scenes and environments automatically while trying to maximize your score and completion percentage.  In the arcade, these games included titles like Ghost Squad, Area 51, Target: Terror, CarnEVIL, Jurassic Park and dozens of others.

Note: At the end, I’ll include some other “gun games” that may be some fun shooters. Read more

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Why you can’t play Wii games using Wii U’s Gamepad Controls

With Mario Kart 8 just one day away, it is likely that a lot of new blood is going to be getting into Wii U.  Once the thrill of racing has died down a bit, the budget conscious Wii U shopper may decide to look into buying up some super cheap-ass original Wii games.  After all, there are hundreds of titles available and there are some incredible games on the Wii (yes it is true).

In fact, we’ve written several articles on the best Wii games out there – and many of them can be had B2G1 on sale or under $20 or even under $10.  Check out Top 10 Wii Games You’ve Never Played and Ten More Great Wii Games You’ve Never Played and Ten Wii Game Guilty Pleasures to see what Wii games you should be shopping for.

Being the only next-gen console with backward compatibility, Wii U will happily play all original Wii games and you can even play them on the Wii U Gamepad (they look great on the smaller screen, by the way).

The caveat is that you must use original Wii controllers – you cannot use the Gamepad controllers.  Attempts to do so will earn you an on screen chastising.

Why on EARTH would Nintendo do this?  Surely it would be easy enough to just let the Wii games use the Gamepad??

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Shane R. Monroe has been doing technical and social commentary writing for over 20 years. Google+

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Review Lagoon’s E3 2012 Nintendo Predictions

By:  Alex J. Lopez,  alexjlopezmw@twitter, alexjlopezwmr@googleplus

It’s hard to dispute that E3’s 2012 show pretty much belongs to Nintendo.  Riding high on the sudden interest in 3DS adoption (driven mainly by a big price cut and some key game releases), Nintendo averted going into E3 this year with the task of introducing a new system in the shadow of a recently failed one.  Gamers have at least gone from indifferent about the brand to lukewarm or better, which is a start.  Nintendo made some big promises at last year’s expo about better addressing the core audience and partnering with third party game makers to fix some of the shortcomings of the Wii generation, and E3 2012 will be their first opportunity to provide tangible proof of those changes.  Showing how they’ll deliver on those promises will drive gamer and  games media reception of this year’s show, though we’ve all learned that won’t necessarily dictate success one way or another.  Nintendo could very well decide to stick with their quest to provide game experiences everyone can enjoy without catering to the needs of any niche group.  For those who actively follow the games industry, most of us will likely feel that’s a mistake–primarily because it means less emphasis on our own niche group.  But Nintendo has always found a way to find success where none of us suspected or even guessed it could be had, and surprises are what makes Nintendo, well…Nintendo. Read more

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10 more Great Wii Games You Never Played

As a follow-up to Shane’s great article “The Ten Greatest Wii Games You Never Played” here, I thought I’d add my own list of ten fantastic Wii games that somehow didn’t light up the sales charts.

As with Shane’s article, my hope is that this list will help you discover some of the more obscure, but excellent games available for the platform that are worthy of your attention. The games are listed in no particular order.
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What to Expect from Wii in 2011

Could 2011 be the year?

As a followup to our 2010 Wii Year in Review article I’d like to turn the calendar page to 2011, which could be a pivotal year for Nintendo’s popular home console. Speculation ranges from continued success to a sharp decline in sales; some foresee a high definition rehash of practically the same console, while others are expecting a successor announcement as early as this summer at E3. Will there be a price decrease in the first half of the year? And can we expect to see a $99 Wii sometime in 2011? Each guess is as good as the next. So perhaps it’s best to take a look at what we do know about what we can expect from Wii in 2011 so far. Read more

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Wii 2010 Year in Review

Best year yet, or the beginning of the end?

In what many are predicting to be the Wii’s last year of console market dominance, 2010 turned out to be a year of stellar game releases for Nintendo’s little white box–perhaps it’s best year yet. While competitors played catch-up with gesture-based gaming solutions of their own to capture the ever elusive “casual” market, it was mainly a back to basics year for Wii that will be remembered for nostalgia-driven releases and surprising third-party successes. Read more

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