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What to Expect from Wii in 2012

Keeping with a tradition I’ve had of writing an end-of-year article on what to expect from Wii in the coming year, I have to admit that I considered not writing this at all.  That’s the kind of year Nintendo has had across the board, with a last minute surge of top-shelf Mario and Zelda releases saving the year from being completely unremarkable.  Indeed, had The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword not made its November release date, 2011 would have been a complete wash for the Wii.  And for most, even that stellar release is not enough to change what can only be described as a complete fall from grace for a system that was once the hottest console this generation. Read more

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10 more Great Wii Games You Never Played

As a follow-up to Shane’s great article “The Ten Greatest Wii Games You Never Played” here, I thought I’d add my own list of ten fantastic Wii games that somehow didn’t light up the sales charts.

As with Shane’s article, my hope is that this list will help you discover some of the more obscure, but excellent games available for the platform that are worthy of your attention. The games are listed in no particular order.
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Console Innovation: Personal Screen Trumps Motion

The genie is out of the bottle … along with bringing the Nintendo console up to (and possibly exceeding) current generation gaming specs with HD 1080p graphics and a robust online service (eluded by Big Reggie himself) – we have another new disrupter;  the personal screen on the Wii U controller.

When I first heard the rumors about a 6″ screen being on the console controller, I had horrible flashbacks to VMU days and promises of Sony PSPs being used as rear-view mirrors.

After coming down from the my E3 high, I have decided that the personal screen is the greatest addon for a game console possible – completely trumping Nintendo’s previous disruption of motion controls.  But why? Read more

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