As a follow-up to Shane’s great article “The Ten Greatest Wii Games You Never Played” here, I thought I’d add my own list of ten fantastic Wii games that somehow didn’t light up the sales charts.

As with Shane’s article, my hope is that this list will help you discover some of the more obscure, but excellent games available for the platform that are worthy of your attention. The games are listed in no particular order.

1. Deadly Creatures

Why you didn’t play it:

The concept of adventuring as a spider or scorpion may have seemed a bit too abstract for many gamers, as the title reportedly sold less than 125,000 copies.

Why you should play it:

With characters voiced by the likes of Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thornton, this adventure game features one of the more memorable and unique video game story-lines in recent memory. Viewing the intricately designed world from the perspective of the spider and scorpion makes for an amusement ride-like experience that won’t disappoint.

2. Dewey’s Adventure

Why you didn’t play it:

If you’re sensitive to “cutesy” games, you won’t last the first five minutes of this game, with art direction resembling something out of Precious Moments.

Why you should play it:

Under that candy-coated shell you’ll find a fantastic tilt-and-slide take on the platformer genre, with game mechanics that could only be done on Wii. A polished soundtrack also adds to the experience, as one has come to expect from Konami games.

3. Real Heroes: Firefighter

Why you didn’t play it:

The cover art for this game along with it’s value-priced debut hinted at a possible shovelware title. The video trailer didn’t help any, with the somewhat dated graphics overshadowing the actual gameplay.

Why you should play it:

A refreshing departure from typical FPS games, Real Heroes: Firefighter features great music, outstanding voice acting from Jamie Kennedy, Jack McGee, and other television actors, and does a fantastic job of immersing the player in the fire fighting action. A truly unique experience that could only be done on Wii.

4. Cursed Mountain

Why you didn’t play it:

Cursed Mountain received little to no marketing support, causing it to quietly slip onto store shelves. Also, some gamers may not be sold on Wii as a platform for mature-rated games. Cursed Mountain is rumored to have only sold 60,000 copies, which is absolutely criminal.

Why you should play it:

Survival-horror genre fans will devour it’s creepy atmosphere, unpredictable story, and unique setting. If you enjoyed the Resident Evil series, you’ll find a lot of similarities here, right down to the slow, methodical pace and occasional puzzle solving.

5. Little King’s Story

Why you didn’t play it:

Another incredible game experience, hampered only by a severe case of the “cutesies”. Rumors of a defective batch of discs from certain retailers didn’t help matters any, leaving a bad taste in many gamers’ mouths.

Why you should play it:

Little King’s Story masterfully combines play styles from various genres including RTS, RPG, and life-simulation games like Animal Crossing. Developed by a team made up of industry veterans who worked on iconic game series such as Dragon Quest, Harvest Moon, and Final Fantasy, Little King’s Story could be the start of one of gaming’s next big franchises.

6. Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon

Why you didn’t play it:

Normally the Final Fantasy brand is enough to bring fans in by the boatload, but the idea of this adventure’s main character being a Chocobo (or a big yellow chicken for the uninitiated) may have made the game a hard sell for US gamers.

Why you should play it:

I have to admit that Chocobo’s Dungeon is probably my favorite third-party developed game on Wii. This Mystery Dungeon RPG reminds me in many ways of Diablo with a town that serves as your base of operations (including vendors to buy/sell from and a bank to store your loot). It also features a great story-line worthy of it’s Square-Enix pedigree.

7. Spyborgs

Why you didn’t play it:

With a name that sounds like a bad Nickelodeon straight-to-dvd kids movie, this adventure/brawler from Capcom also suffered from poor marketing. The game was rumored to have sold less than 20,000 copies.

Why you should play it:

Another new franchise with future potential, Spyborgs is non-stop action with variable skill settings that can keep even the most experienced gamer occupied and entertained. Lots of polish and slick art direction round out the package.

8. Dawn of Discovery

Why you didn’t play it:

The thought of clumsily fumbling through the controls of a traditional strategy game with a Wiimote probably turned many gamers away from taking a chance on this title.

Why you should play it:

Beautiful art direction, an engaging story-line, and surprisingly intuitive Wiimote controls make this an addictive game for anyone with the patience and focus it takes to enjoy these types of titles. The Continuous Play Mode ensures plenty of retail value once the Story Mode is complete.

9. Order Up!

Why you didn’t play it:

Based on it’s value price and bare-bones box art, you probably thought Order Up! was a bad Cooking Mama clone.

Why you should play this game:

Much more than a cooking game, it’s a restaurant manager simulation with emphasis on gesture-based cooking and multitasking as you attempt to keep your establishment’s clientele happy. Quirky characters, a great sense of humor, and a comic-strip style presentation made this a surprise hit for me that I enjoyed playing for hours.

10. Trauma Center Second Opinion & New Blood

Why you didn’t play them:

You probably had your fill of Trauma Center on DS and figured the Wii games would be more of the same.

Why you should play these games:

While both Second Opinion and New Blood do borrow a lot from their DS counterparts (art direction and story elements, mostly), the Wii experience is truly unique, offering intense, heart-pounding gameplay that will have you hooked from the beginning and keep you engaged as you rip through both games. And it’s a perfect time to do just that in preparation for the long awaited series follow-up, Trauma Team, which should be hitting store shelves in April of 2010.

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