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Gold-Plated HDMI to VGA Adapter with Audio Support

It might be a little confusing who this product is for, so let’s start there.

If you have an older monitor laying around (and who doesn’t??) that doesn’t have HDMI in, chances are you’ll end up with a device (laptop, tablet, phone, even video players and game consoles) that are “HDMI OUT” only.

This little guy let’s you plug that sparkling new HDMI device into that VGA monitor and use it. What’s neat is that you can still old VGA monitors (big ones) from thrift stores that are still useful if you have the right converter.

Included is an adapter for outputting sound from the HDMI signal (VGA doesn’t carry sound). Your monitor may have an audio input jack or you can plug in a pair of speakers.

I tested this out (see the pictures) with my new Chromebook with an older Dell monitor. The Chromebook resolution is low and a bit odd, so the monitor quality seemed questionable. It is hard to tell if it is the conversion or the resolution that is the issue.

The photo included on the product doesn’t show it needs USB power to work. So included with the package is a USB power cable. Once you have the VGA cable, the audio cable and the USB cable all in the mix, you have a pretty “Frankenstein” looking set up. This isn’t something I’d want to move around a whole lot.

It is a workable solution but it is a bit cumbersome. With HDMI equipped, decent monitors available on the cheap it may be difficult to justify $20 to avoid buying a new one.

Where I see this guy coming in handy? With projectors. Projectors cost a lot and people and businesses keep them for a long time. With HDMI only laptops and portable devices being used so much for presentations, being able to make your $500 projector “HDMI ready” makes a lot of sense for $20.

I docked a star because of how unwieldy it can be to get everything hooked up and the possibility of the quality hit during conversion. I might have to break out my old consoles and see how they look on here.








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