Review: ANNT Smart Touch LED Desk Lamp

I’ve reviewed a couple of these now and the real benefit to these sorts of lamps is the ability to be adjustable – both in brightness and in position. They run very cool, use very little power and usually have extra features.  The manufacturer read some of my Amazon reviews and thought I might like to see theirs.

This lamp goes all the way.

Show Us The Light

Let’s start with the light itself. The large LED panel is very different from many lamps. It really casts more illumination, more evenly. It is almost like a mini-light box in itself. Light features two types of light; bright white (for reading) and a bright natural light mode. Using two buttons you adjust the light between the two modes.

Two other buttons control the brightness. Both these buttons and the type adjustment are smooth transition changes vice the “5 position” you might find on other lamps. This makes it a lot easier to get exactly the lighting you want.

What’s really neat is there is is hepatic feedback that lets you know when you have reached one the maximum (or minimum) settings.

So the lighting is great. But if you can’t position/point it where you want – what good is it?

Five Points of Change

With 5 points of change, you WILL get the light where you want. The main arm itself swivels in the base a full 90 degrees. Right above that you can motion the whole arm forward and backward. Three quarters of the way up is ANOTHER up/down motion. A few inches above is a right/left rotation point. Finally, the head of the lamp also moves up and down. This is easily the most versatile lamp I’ve used for positioning. The heavier base makes it possible to put the light in some weird configurations.


Your settings are saved between uses – so if you spend a bunch of time dialing in the right light; it will be there when you get back. A handy “sleep” button will fire the lamp up in a very dim “for night” state, making it a useful nightlight.

If that wasn’t enough – on the left side is a USB port which is perfect for charging your phone or rechargable battery (it’s only 1A so it won’t be the one you want to charge a tablet with). Normally my phone complains about lower power ports when charging, but it liked this one just fine.

The Dark Side

If I had to complain about ANYTHING it would be that the base is a huge fingerprint magnet. Within a few uses, the base will be marred with your fingers. It doesn’t affect performance – but I want to give the most honest and complete review.

Final Words

There are cheaper lamps than this one; but I promise you – you’ll get what you pay for. I can’t imagine ANYONE not being completely delighted with this lamp. I recommend it highly.

Note: I shot the photos mostly without flash so you could see the coloring of the lamp which may degrade the image quality.

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