10 more Great Wii Games You Never Played

As a follow-up to Shane’s great article “The Ten Greatest Wii Games You Never Played” here, I thought I’d add my own list of ten fantastic Wii games that somehow didn’t light up the sales charts. As with Shane’s article, my hope is that this list will help you discover some of the more obscure,…

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Console Innovation: Personal Screen Trumps Motion

The genie is out of the bottle … along with bringing the Nintendo console up to (and possibly exceeding) current generation gaming specs with HD 1080p graphics and a robust online service (eluded by Big Reggie himself) – we have another new disrupter;  the personal screen on the Wii U controller. When I first heard…

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Shane R. Monroe has been doing technical and social commentary writing for over 20 years. Google+

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