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The Nexus 10 Early Adopter FAQ

While a lot of this article may also cover Nexus 4 and other devices recently upgraded to Android 4.2, it is targeted at Nexus 10 and I will update it frequently as I get more information. If you find anything here inaccurate or needing updates – or even if you just have a question – please do NOT hesitate to post a reply or contact me directly.


This area deals strictly with issues and solutions around the Nexus 10 hardware.

Q. How do I take a screenshot?

A. Same way you always have. ¬†Just remember that VOLUME DOWN is on the LEFT (nearest the power button), not the right ūüôā

Q. What gives with the tiny HDMI port?  What do I plug into that thing? None of my cables will fit.

A. Like USB, there are various types of HDMI plugs.  The plug on the N10 is a MICRO HDMI.  You can find adapters and cables from Monoprice.

Q. Can I use any USB charger or plug the Nexus 10 into my PC to charge?

A. Yes, but it will not charge nearly as fast than if you were to use the official charger that came with the N10.


This area deals strictly with issues and solutions around the Nexus 10 software.

Q. I can’t use OTG anymore (StickMount, USB Helper, etc)! ¬†What can I do?

A. If all you want to do is watch media from your OTG, then the venerable Nexus Media Importer will continue to work. ¬†If what you want is proper file access (read/write) then you’re out of luck at this time. ¬†Apps may have to start adding OTG support DIRECTLY into their apps – since 4.2 isolates access to the USB on a per-process basis now. ¬†TWRP is the first app I’ve seen that implemented it’s own OTG code to handle this.

Q. Where can I get working CIFS modules for Android 4.2?

A. While some early attempts are available, it seems that CIFS was broken along with OTG thanks to the multi-user profile system. ¬†We’ll probably have to wait for a kernel based solution.

Q. Developer Options is gone!  How do I get it back?

A. Go to Settings->About Tablet. ¬†Tap on the BUILD NUMBER entry repeatedly until it says “YOU ARE A DEVELOPER”.

Q. My THD games all crash! ¬†What’s wrong?

A. Despite sharing the Nexus name with its little Nexus 7 brother, The N10 is NOT a Tegra-based device.  THD (Tegra HD) games will not work on the Nexus 10.

Q. How do I make the Nexus 10’s user profiles understand my Google identity? ¬†I’m logged in and syncing, but my “user” profile appears to be completely detached from the system.

A. Log into Google+.  Suddenly you local user profile will be properly linked to your Google account.  Strange, but true.

Q, Does the “Day 1” system update have any issues? ¬†Can I still root, etc. after installing?

A. There are no known issues. ¬†You aren’t locked out of anything new by updating the tablet.


Here we will try to list apps with issues and to what degree they affect performance.

  • The Pinball Arcade – Menu scaling issues, jittery in-game menus. Gameplay itself is fine.
  • USB/BT Joystick Center – Broken for anything buy Keyboard based controllers. ¬†Cannot use Bluetooth (Wii) controllers nor can it see USB controllers plugged in via OTG.
  • .EMU Emulators (All) – Native Wiimote support is broken. ¬†You can still use keyboard based controllers (iCade, etc).


This area deals strictly with issues and solutions around advanced topics.

Q. How do I unlock the Bootloader?  Do I need to?  Can I relock it for warranty, etc.?

A. If you don’t have a need to, there is no need to unlock the bootloader. ¬†If you plan to root the device, you will need an unlocked bootloader. Unlocking WIPES THE UNIT CLEAN. ¬†Everything will be erased. ¬†You can relock the bootloader at any time (losing all data again, of course). ¬† Learn how here.

Q. Is the Nexus 10 rooted yet?

A. Yes. ¬†There are various ways to get root access. ¬†None of them are particularly easy, but if you’ve comfortable with FASTBOOT, recovery and ADB – you’ll be fine. ¬†Check out this thread.

Q. Is it possible to install custom recovery software?  What is available?

A.  Yes, both CWMR and TWRP are both available.

Q. I unlocked by bootloader now I’m stuck in an infinite boot/bootloop! ¬†Am I screwed?

A. You will have to reflash the stock factory image (all data will be lost on the tablet) – but once you’re done, you will still be unlocked. ¬†Doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happened to me. ¬†Here are instructions and downloads for reflashing your tablet to factory stock.

Q. Are there any Custom ROMs for this device yet?

A. The first one JUST dropped. ¬†It’s pretty basic – but it’s a start. ¬†Check it out here.

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  1. Just to let you know, I bootlooped when I unlocked. You don’t necessarily need to reflash the stock image–a quick factory reset fixed the bootloop no problem!

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