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Windows 10 Survival Guide

Windows 10 is here and whether you’re an early adopter or a “wait for SP1” kinda user – eventually you’ll be exposed to and possibly forced to use Windows 10 in some capacity or another.

Some people are going to want to “neuter” Windows 10 to get it as close to what they are used to (or just like more); namely Windows 7.

This survival guide will be updated with all my findings, hacks, tweaks, fixes and tools that make Windows 10 work the way *I* want it to work.

Installation / First Run

  • Force Windows 10 to Install SOLVED
  • Ethernet adapter won’t connect to network properly SOLVED (if you have an onboard Intel NIC, this should do the trick)
  • Retrieve and store your Windows 10 Product Key rH9QIp4


  • Modern UI Apps Won’t Run as Administrator SOLVED (says Windows 8 but works)
  • Getting back Admin account SOLVED

Features You Might Actually Use

Disabling Apps/Features

  • Culling OneDrive from the System SOLVED (tested by me)
  • Disable BING from Start Menu SOLVED
  • Stopping Automatic Updates (Pro and higher) SOLVED (Home) UNSOLVED
  • Remove Modern UI Apps and General Windows 10 Annoyances SOLVED (Great tool) | Alternatives
  • Restore Start Menu and other Win 7 niceties SOLVED


  • Stop Microsoft from sharing your WIFI information SOLVED
  • Stop Microsoft from using your bandwidth to help others update SOLVED

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